It’s Gonna Be How Cold?

While we await new data for the potential snowstorm this week, thought we would take a look at some of the forecast temps we may see over the next week. Below you will find images of the European model forecast for minimum and max temps for January 4th. This is just a snap shot of the cold weather that is on its way, and these numbers may certainly moderate, or even drop if we have a fresh snowpack over the region.

European Model Minimum Temps

European Model Minimum Temps For 1-4-14

Yes, that is subzero low temps across the entire region, and the max temps, posted below don’t show much of a warm up.


European Max Temps For 1-4-14

European Max Temps For 1-4-14

Now your probably curious, is the Euro the only model showing temps this cold?

Nope! Below is the GFS model for the same time frame.

GFS Low Temps For 1-4-14

GFS Low Temps For 1-4-14

Bottom line is, we have some of the coldest temps in quite some time on their way, so stock up on the heating sources, and brace yourselves, because winter is here.



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    I’ve warned 1000s on my pages of this cold air invasion since last Wedn before the previous storm this past wknd….it is going to be pretty brutal after the fresh snow blanket and arctic intrusion….

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    54K is right around the corner – and your new website was the topic of our table at lunch!! Smart phone people are anxious for all the bells and whistles to be smart-phone friendly. Patience, I tell them, and raved about the fab radar on the site. Will be watching THAT over the next few days! Thanks for the chill-warning.

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